Relay Technician

  • Understand and analyze substation protective relaying schemes
  • Calibrate and test station relaying devices
  • Test various circuits, including new equipment
  • Build new relaying schemes
  • Troubleshoot equipment failures

SCADA Technician

  • Program and troubleshoot relay communication devices
  • Test and maintain fiber optic cables and modems
  • Wire, configure and test substation Remote Terminal Units
  • Program, commission and retrieve records from Digital Fault Recorders
  • Understand and troubleshoot T-Medic equipment
  • Program and troubleshoot relay communication devices

PDM Technician

  • Infrared scanning and evaluation of equipment
  • Predictive maintenance testing of substation breakers and transformers
  • Power frequency testing


  • De-energize normally energized equipment for work inside and outside substations
  • Restore equipment during unplanned outages
    Troubleshoot station alarms and respond to equipment failure
  • Perform routine inspections of equipment to ensure reliability
  • Repair and/or replace damaged equipment
    Maintain custody of substation and ensure all workers are following procedure and working safely

Overhead Lineman

  • Inspect and maintain overhead lines
  • Inspect structures, insulators and switches using climbing techniques and aerial devices
  • Repair and replace equipment as needed
  • Patrol lines for potential problems
  • Install new transmission lines


  • Evaluate vegetation growth
  • Determine need for trimming and/or removal to ensure system reliability